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Monday, 30 August 2010

Club Penguin Field-Op #12

Frosty50000 Here! Here's the Guide for the Lastest Field-Op that Club Penguin Released. Look below.

First of all, your Spy Phone will be turning its light Red. Click it and then Click Go There, you'll be in the EPF Command Room. Walk to the ''Field-Ops Screen''.

Gary talks to you, he says that something is wrong with the Snow Forts' clock! Click Accept Field-Op and then go to the Snow Forts.

Walk to the Clock, your Spy Phone is Ringing. Click it.

Now click Engage, you have to Complete a Mini-Game.

You need to Guide your Micro-Battery with your Keyboards. Charge all 4 Big Batteries but Watch Out for traps. If you get too much damaged, you better go back to the Recharger Point. Once you've Completed it, Great Job! You got Rewarded with 1 Medal! :)

Waddle on Penguins! :)


Alocarra970 said...

Cool! Thanks for the help :D

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