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Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Club Penguin Field-Op #7 Cheats

 Frosty50000 Here! Today Club Penguin released the Seventh Field-Op. That's so fast and easy to do.

First of all, go to the EPF Command Room and walk to the ''Field-Ops Screen''.

Gary talks to you. He says that the Light from the Beacon can burn at any time! We have to stop this Big Problem! Click Accept Field-Op.

As Gary says, you have to go to the Beacon, walk to the Light.

Your Spy Phone will Ring. Click it.

You have to Complete a Mini-Game, click Engage to start it.

Guide your Micro-Battery with your Keyboards, you have to Charge all 4 Big Batteries, Watch Out the Traps. If you get Damaged, you have to return to the Recharger Point.

Congrats! You won this Field-Op and got Rewarded with 1 Medal! You can use it with something on the Elite Gear.

I hope this was Helpful! There's another Field-Op Coming Next Week! Waddle on Penguins! :)


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