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Saturday, 31 July 2010

August Sneak Peek

Frosty50000 Here! I got another Message from Billybob, he will tell us some Information about August:

"Hello penguins!

July's nearly done, and that means a new month is here. So what's coming up in August? Well, check out this sneak peek:

A brand new event called the Mountain Expedition is coming soon. And it'll have LOTS of surprises for members. Check out the items at the Gift Shop soon for gear!

There will be updates for Elite Agents. Keep your eyes on the Command Room and your Elite Gear...

And finally, something that everyone can look forward to... More stamps!

There are lots of surprises set for next month - so let us know what you think they may be!

Until then... Waddle on!

-Club Penguin Team"

Wow! A Mountain Expedition? What will this be? I know that looks AWESOME! Also, forget the Tallest Mountain, Billybob says its not on the Comments (On Club Penguin). Anyways, I'm sure that'll be a BLAST! Also what's that Dinosaur face? Will that be in the Next Furniture Catalog? Also, it looks like there's a New Stamp Coming Soon to Club Penguin, I'm Curious! And also, I think there are New Mini-Games coming to the Next Field-Ops as Billybob told us a few Posts Ago, I'm thinking in how they will be.

Waddle on Penguins! :)


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