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How To Become A Ninja On Club Penguin

It isn't easy to become a ninja on Club Penguin, but with a bit of patience and a bit of my help, you should become a ninja in not time.
 Step 1. To start off with, you will need to get your set of cards from sensei. To do this just waddle over to him, press talk to sensei and he'll give you your instructions and your first deck.
 Step 2. If you're playing for fun, use the blue mats.
But if you're not and you wish to become a ninja, DO NOT use the blue mats. Using the blue mats will not help you progress and become a ninja.

The game of Card Jitsu is like rock paper scissors.

  • Fire beats Snow.
  • Snow beats Water.
  • Water beats fire.
  • If you choose the same element but on one card the number is higher than the other, that card wins the point.
    Here are the wins needed for each belt:
    White Belt = 5-7 wins after talking to Sensei
    Yellow belt = 7-13 wins after white
    Orange belt = 8-14 wins after yellow
    Green belt = 9-15 wins after orange
    Blue belt = 10-16 wins after green
    Red belt = 12-17 wins after blue
    Purple belt = 13-18 wins after red
    Brown belt = 11-19 wins after purple
    Black belt = 10-20 wins after brown
    Step 3: Once you're a black-belt you will have to face sensei. The first couple of times you face him he will beat you but after a while, you'll be able to stand a chance.

    Step 4: Once you're a ninja you'll be able to access the ninja hideout. The ninja hideout looks like this:

    Congratulations on becoming a ninja!


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