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Thursday, 21 March 2013

Club Penguin Pin!

Hello! Jmark4 Here, Today i was waddling around Club Penguin at 4:40 - 450 PM just to see what changed, and i found a pin! This image will be below. ;-)....
**This picture is only allowed for this site, please don't upload to another site**
Well, don't you love that pin? It's a rainbow Puffle! I will be posting soon, and remember don't forget
to buy the rainbow Puffle when it comes out! I am sure i will, leave a comment if you are, or also follow me  I will follow you back! so click CPJmark4 this link will bring you right to my twitter page! I will be posting
cheats, codes, memberships giveaways, news, And a lot of more interesting fun stuff at my twitter so bye!
 I will be posting sooner or later, so peace!  ;-) -Jmark4   


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