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Saturday, 2 February 2013

Club Penguin Code.

Hey guys! I have not been posting stuff for about 1 week now but i got a Club Penguin code! The code unlocks you a laptop, just type in STAYSAFE and you will get the item, enjoy it. Almost forgot tell all your friends to check out the code here! Also comment if you like the item or why you didn't like it also i will give more Club Penguin codes, and also sorry last week i forgot to give a membership code I will not forget this week.        Waddle on, Jmark4. ;)


Anonymous said...

Hey there! I love this site, it is amazing. Even the graphics is amazing! But I do not think you can afford so many memberships, and that is why I think you are lying! I mean, are you too rich? -@Pensuby_CP

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