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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Tipping the Iceberg on Club Penguin - Is it Possible?

Frosty50000 Posting! Some months ago, in January of this year, I was thinking: Is it possible to tip the Iceberg on Club Penguin? 50% of the Penguins say Yes and 50% say ''No, you can't tip it''. I've been trying and trying, wearing my Hard Hat and trying to tip it for hours and hours, with ways and ways, but nothing happened. So, I decided to email Club Penguin about it, look at the Mysterious Message they gave me:

If you can't read it, it says:

''Hello there,

Thanks for writing into us with some more questions about tipping the Ice Berg. There definitely are a lot of questions penguins have about tipping the Ice Berg, but even we moderators do not know the answers for sure! None of us has actually seen the Iceberg tip even! But we all definitely keep trying, and so should you. Who knows, maybe we will all be able to see it tip one day with our own eyes, and all our questions will be answered!

Email us again whenever you like, and we will be sure to write back to you just as soon as we can.

Waddle on,


Club Penguin Support''

Well, 9 months have gone and I still don't know if we can or can't tip it, but I love to Party with some Penguins at the Iceberg trying to tip it! :)

Waddle on Penguins! And remember: Dance or drill, just don't stand still! :)


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