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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Club Penguin Sep-Oct 2010 Better Igloos Catalog

Frosty50000 Posting! Club Penguin has finally released the new Furniture Catalog! :) It has lots of Hidden Items, if you need any help finding them, just look below. :)

To find the Umbrella Table:

  1. Go to Pages 4-5 
  2. Click the Mouse of the Computer

To find the Log Table.

  1. Go to Pages 6-7
  2. Click the Log Drawers

To find the Climbing Wall.

  1. Go to Paes 8-9
  2. Click the top of the Modern Art.

To find the Quarter Note.

  1. Go to Pages 10-11
  2. Click the Wall Speaker.
To find the Drum Kit.

  1. Go to Pages 10-11
  2. Click the DJ Table.

To find the Music Stand.

  1. Go to Pages 12-13
  2. Click the Eighth Note.

To find the HD TV.

  1. Go to Pages 14-15
  2. Click the top of the Clothes Rack.

The New Catalog is Awesome eh? Waddle on Penguins! And Enjoy the Catalog! :)


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