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Thursday, 26 August 2010

How To Become A Fire Ninja On Club Penguin

Club Penguin have launched a new Club Penguin game. This game is called Card Jitsu fire. This game is like Card Jitsu but it's played in a fire dojo. Here's a guide on getting your full fire suit.

1. Go to the ninja hideout and click on the red stone panel and enter the fire ninja hideout.
2. Now get your fire deck from sensei.
3. Now when you're ready, talk to Sensei and then press "Earn your Fire Suit".  Every time you win a game, you earn experience and become one step further to earning parts of your fire suit.

Once you have your entire fire suit, face sensei and after a few attempts, you should beat him. Don't even bother facing him before you have your fire suit because he'll beat you.


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