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Thursday, 19 August 2010

Club Penguin - New Igloo Catalog

Frosty50000 Back Here! Club Penguin finally reelased the New Igloo Catalog! It only has 2 New Igloos, but it was Good the same!

These are the Floors for Igloos. It didn't change, but take a little look on them!

You can find a Secret Igloo on this Page! The Secret Stone Igloo! Click where there's a Red Circle to see it.

This is the Secret Stone Igloo! It costs 2000 Coins.

Woah! Check out the New Igloos! The Cozy Cottage and the Gym Igloo! Why don't you start training Sports on the Gym Igloo, or... Make your own Sports Shop?

Check out the Other Igloos below:

Hey! There's another Secret Igloo, called Secret Deluxe Stone Igloo! Click where there's a Small Red Circle to see it.

That's it for now. Waddle on!


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