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Friday, 16 July 2010

Field-Op #5 Cheats

Club Penguin finally released the Fifth Field-Op! Here are its cheats:

First, go to the EPF Command Room and walk to the ''Field-Ops Screen''.


Gary says that someone wants to ruin the Music Jam! We can't let this happen! Click Accept Field-Op.


Now, go to the Forest. Walk to the guitar as the Picture below shows.


Your Spy Phone will ring. You have to Complete a Mini-Game. Click your Spy Phone and then click Engage.


You have to Complete the same Mini-Game as the Field-Op 1 and 3. Destroy the circuits by Matching the Simbols. Remember to be fast! You onl ave 60 Seconds. (:


Congrats! You Completed this Field-Op and have been rewarded with 1 Medal! I could finally buy the Delta Suit! YAY! (:


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