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Sunday, 4 July 2010

Club Penguin Game Day New Pictures

Hey Penguins! I got some Club Penguin Game Day Pictures that have never seen before! They make the game look really fun! Check them out:

This is the Puffle Padle Game that can also be played during the Fall Fair!


The Puffle Feeding is a really fun game! (: It can be played during the Fall Fair and during the Puffle Party! Now we can play it at any time in the Wii! (:


The Hockey Game! Watch out Bob, or you'll lose the Game! (:


I don't think this is a Snowball Fight. It looks like the penguin is rolling that big snowball. (:


Here's the Picture showing the 4 Players playing this Game. (:


The Picture below shows the Bean Balance Game, that penguin looks really strong to weigh all those Beans. (:

We can now play the Sled Race Game in the Wii! Remember: The Club Penguin Game Day will be released in September of this year! :)


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