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Sunday, 25 July 2010

Cena's Club Penguin Mini-Party Review

Frosty50000 Here! Cena (Cena12121) had a Mini-Party yesterday. I decided to take Some Pictures and show them here. That Party was a BLAST! The rooms was alerady Full when it was about 4 Hours until this Party. It was in the server Rocky Road. :)

We're all in the Cave! We did a little Toots Party! :D

Now we're at the Mine Shack. Let's Water the Garden! This is pretty fun! :)

Clovers Party! Lucky! :)

We're in the Forest. CENA YOU RULE! Lol. :) 

Its time to go to the Pizza Parlor and eat some Pizza! They was delicious! :)

We all went to the Dock. Also, many Penguins danced and danced there! :)

Cena took us to the Mountain. I played Sled Race with him, but I forgot to take the Picture! Lol. Anyways, that was really fun! Then we went to the Lodge Attic and played some Find Four! :)

I can't forget to tell when we played in the Lighthouse! We played our Instruments, there was LOTS and LOTS of Instruments playing at the same time making a really Awesome Music! :)

Now it's time to Cena leave. We all went to the Cove to say Goodbye. Bye Cena! That Party was a BLAST! See ya in your Next Party! :)

2 Minutes after the Party finished and Cena logged off. He called us again, to go to server Snow Fort in his Igloo for a Secret. I didn't take Pictures. But it was the First Time that I saw a Full Igloo. Lol. :)


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