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Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Field-Ops: Mission 2 Guide

Frosty50000 here again! Club Penguin has launched the Field-Op Mission 2! If you need help doing it, here's your help:


First, go to the EPF Command Room and walk to the ''Field-Ops Screen'', click ''Accept Field-Op''. (:


Now, go to the Ski Hill and go to the Direction Poll. (:


Click ''Engage''.


Move the Battery Pack by using your Keyboards, you have to get to all 4 Big Batteries. Watch out not to get damaged by the obstacles! Because if an obstacle damage your Battlery Pack, you have to go back to the Re-charger Point. (:

Once you have finished it. You'll earn a Medal! You can use it to get something on Elite Gear! (:


I hope that was helpful! (: Club Penguin is releasing another Field-Op in Next Week! (:


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