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Monday, 14 June 2010

Club Penguin Wii Game coming!

I heard that much penguins was waiting for a game of Nintendo Wii, and there it is! The game is called ''Club Penguin Game Day'' and I think it'll be a BLAST! Here are some Sneak Peeks of it:

This is coming really soon to Club Penguin! 

This is the Main Picture of the Game. (:

Paint Ball Throwing 

I think it's Paintball throwing. (:

Club Penguin Game Day Sneak Peek #3 

Hmm, is that some kind of Dance Game? (:

Club Penguin Game Day Sneak Peek #4 

What's that game?? I know it's a game because of the Clock that is counting backwards in the top of the Picture, and why is the Ski Lodge closed? It's a Mysteryous. (:


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