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Friday, 18 June 2010

Club Penguin Island Adventure Party out!

Frosty50000 here! I was gonna do this post yesterday at evening, but it was getting too late so I'm doing it now. (: The Island Adventure Party has already started! There's a New Place to go and there's also a Scavenger Hunt! Here are the Scavenger Hunt's Cheats, you need to find all paper boats:


The First Paper Boat is at the Beach.


The Second Paper Boat is at the Snow Forts.


The Third Paper Boat is on the Iceberg.


The Fourth Paper Boat is at the Ski Village.


The Sixth Paper Boat is in the Plaza.


The Seventh Paper Boat is in the Hidden Lake.


The Eighth and last Paper Boat is at the Town.

Hey! Here are the pictures of the Special Rooms:


This is the Tree Forts. Feed that plant with Snowballs, it'll get big and then... burp! XD


This is the other Special Room, called the Ships. Time for battle! (:

 This is still not all! There's a Secret Item hidden in the Cove! All you have to do to get it is wear your Jack-hammer hat and dig on the ''X''. The Prize is a Pirate Bandanna:


Oh yeah! I forgot to show the Scavenger Hunt prize! Here it is:


You have to build the Map (Prize) after you find all the Paper Boats. (:


BOOM! You got the Prize! :D

That's it penguins! I hope I could help you. (:


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